About Us



MAY-STAR, Committing To Be A Famous Denim Brand, Is Crafting Denim With Authenticity And Innovation. We Believe, Incorporating Emerging Trends And Fashion In The Denim Fabrics, Can Create The Prettiest And Premium Quality Denim, Along With Unparalleled Industry Knowledge, Revolutionary Technology And Technical Expertise.


To Keep Perfect Color, We Use Not Only Advance Machines,  Best Color Stuff, But Also Monitor The Dyeing Process Closely. Over Three Decades Experience Makes Sure Wonderful Quality.


With High-Tech Automated Looms, We Produce 20million Meters Of Denim Fabric And 2million Pieces Of Jeans Per Year, However, Our Portfolio Has More Than 2,000 Products, Tailored For Garment And Boutique Collections Requirement.


Every Season, New Fabrics Are Catering To The Constantly Evolving World Of Denim. Our Products Deliver Not Only Consistently High Quality And Product Excellence, But Also The Value Of Sustainable Lifestyle To Your Jeans In The Fast And Lasting Changing World Of Fashion.


Everyone In MAY-STAR Struggles For This Brand, And We Jointly Endow It With The Soul, And We Grow Together With Our Customers.

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